Hello! My name is Kathy and this is my cake business. Welcome and thank you for getting this far.
Here's a little bit about me and my cake journey.

When asked how long I have been baking, it's difficult to pinpoint an exact date; from the moment I learned how to use an oven at a young age, I discovered my love for baking and it was truly innate.  

Decorating though, started in my early twenties in a small studio apartment kitchen in late 2011. I was young, I was broke, and I was eager to keep a roof over my head. I began offering cakes at a small discounted price. These cakes were then requested to be decorated for small events; birthdays, that turned into graduation, that turned into more requests for bridal showers, weddings, baby showers, first birthdays, etc. Slowly through enough experience, practice, and determination, my tiny studio kitchen bakery turned into a sustainable part time business.  

This is all through the  relationships I have cultivated with friends and family; recommending my business to customers who trust me to create and deliver a cake that is uniquely and personally designed for them. Customers I have known for years and who will continually come back to order from my small kitchen business.

Cultivated Cake Studio was born from a young heart with a passion for baking, that grew into a love for creating and design. Fostering all of that experience into a business that I can grow and develop with each order. I thank each and every one of you for your support, for being with me on my cake journey since day one, and for helping me get to where I am now.